Boost for Motu Cycle Trail

Whakatane news
Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Motu Trails Charitable Trust will receive $25,134 as one of six new projects the Government is investing in to maintain the quality of the New Zealand Cycle Trail, East Coast MP Anne Tolley says.

“I’m really pleased our local cycle trail has been selected as it is an asset to our community,” Mrs Tolley says.

“At a local level this funding boost is great news for our cycle trail and nationally it is part of maintaining and enhancing the quality of the New Zealand Cycle Trail.

“Cycle Trails attract tourists, create jobs, and boost economic growth in the regions. Reports on Cycle Trails indicate more than 1,200 jobs have been created. This is just one of the ways National is supporting our region.

“Cycle Trails have proven to be hugely popular. The latest data estimates around 125,000 people used the New Zealand Cycle Trail in the month of January. This compares to 97,000 in January 2014.

“The latest investment through the Maintaining the Quality of Great Rides Fund brings the total investment under the fund to $1.36 million. Priority has been given to proposals that aim to improve the safety and quality of the Great Rides.

“I’m really keen to ensure the Cycle Trail is maintained to a high standard so that both locals and tourists can continue to benefit from it.

“The Government has set aside $8 million over four years to maintain and enhance the quality of the New Zealand Cycle Trail. Nearly $1 million was invested in 13 projects in December.”

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